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Our Guide will not just help you create a Blog in 5 Minutes but we will also help you to Rank your Blog in Search Engines Results like Google. we help people who are trying to create their own website, with the help of our ‘easy-to-follow’ tutorial videos. Every day, our videos are watched by thousands of people, to create their websites.

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Simple Steps to Start Blog

We’re teaching you how to build an online business that can support you.

That’s the difference between us and the “wealth hackers” online – our businesses are here and  to stay.

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#1 - Start and Build a Blog

Learn with our Definite Guide + Video Tutorials + Podcasts and Images. We take you through hand holding process of Starting your own Blog

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#2 - Optimize Your Blog

We will reveal you the methods, professional bloggers and website owners use to optimize their own blog. Now you can too.

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#3 - Grow Your Audience

Our tutorials are made in a way where you get to know how the things work behind the scenes, and how you can use them to grow your audience.

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#4 - Make Money $$

As everything we teach is highly actionable & universal, it will help you make money faster & more accurately

The Steps to Create a Business Website

Choosing a Blogging Platform

Best Hosting for Blog

How To Install WordPress - 5 mins

WordPress Settings

Best Theme & Plugin

WordPress Blog Design

SEO for WordPress - Best Techniques

Blogging - Must Do or Avoid

Promote & Share your Blog

How I Started back in 2010 Blogging

I started my first blog in 2010, and back then there was no articlesguide or anything like this blog.

I learned all by myselfmaking all the mistakes and learning from themI had to google hours just to get a simple knowledge about WordPress.

Così, I made this GuideWhich covers all the topics about WordPress a newbie needs to know.


I run a Digital Agencyand we charge $450 for a Professional WordPress install.

Where we Make all the essentials settings like:-

  • Security
  • Spam Protection
  • Speed Optimization
  • SEO
  • CDN
  • Caching
  • Image Optimization
  • Theme tweaking
  • Backup & Restore
  • and several small things

So all these things that we do for our clients are covered in this guide with step-by-step tutorial with videos.

12 Steps to Start a Blog like Professionals

  1. Getting Started
  2. Choose a Blogging Platform
  3. Pick a Domain
  4. Find a Hosting Server
  5. Installing WordPress within 4 minutes
  6. Configuring your new blog
  7. Choosing Theme and Site Structure
  8. Blog Security
  9. SEO for Blog
  10. Do’s & Dont’s
  11. Promoting your Blog
  12. Earning Money from Blog

Tutorials on other blogs or Guides covers only 4 o 5 stepsBut wpBeginning covers 12+ Steps with videosFAQ and Support.

I have broken this complete guide into small chapters which will help you to understand well and follow the methods better and in case if you face any problem then you can comment on the specific steps and I will answer your queries within 4 hours.

That’s why I’ve put this guide together for you – to give beginners a fastfoolproof guide to starting a blog without having to learn HTML or waste your time reading longboring tutorials.

In factover12,500 newbies just like YOU have already setup blogs using this guide!

This guide is about4000 words long which will take like 20 minutes.

So Here Is a cheatto save more timeas I said earlier I have divided this complete guide in 12 chapters and each chapters has a video tutorial and podcast that will save you time and help you create a new blog in less time.

Getting Started

Decide what to blog about

If you’re part of a businesscompany or organizationyour blog should be related to the product(S) or service(S) you provideor the cause you promote.

If you’re an individualyou have more flexibility when choosing a topicI talked about it herebut the main things to remember are:

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Blog about something you enjoyIf you aren’t excited about your topicwriting about it will be drudgeryWho wants that? Anche, why would readers be interested if you aren’t?

Blog about something with plenty of room for discussionA blog requires a lot of content to get going and remain interestingYou’ll be at this a long time so make sure you have plenty to talk about.

Choose a niche in which you can establish yourself as an authorityYou probably won’t be the first person to blog about the topic you chooseIt’s almost guaranteed someone else has thought of it before youDon’t fret about thiscome up with a unique angleDo you have a reasonable chance of making your blog better than others talking about the same thing?

The goal for any blog is to become the go-to resource for its topic or niche.

Why Start a Blog?

  • Make money Online or from Home. I make a full-time income blogging and live a Digital LifeBlogging takes workbut low risk and low work pressure and a great future make it a great opportunity.
  • Become an Entrepreneur. People are turning into Entrepreneurs by blogs and their niche websiteAs a blog takes less work and provides great incomePeople often start more than a blog to increase their income.
  • Help your business or organization. A blog helps businesses and organizations reach a lot of people at little cost.
  • Build a Community. If you help other people and build a communityyou will be invincible in that niche as more and more people will recognize you as a Expert.

Choosing a Blogging Platform

There are several services you can choose as your blogging platformYou may be tempted to use a free servicebut free service will be limited in use and will restrict you in many ways.

There’s a lot to choose from and you are able to create your blog with many different blogging platforms such as WordPressTumblrBlogger/Blogspot and many more.

which blogging platform


WordPress is by far one of the biggest platforms in the world and comes with countless plugins and add-ons and almost infinite ways to design and customize your blog and use it in your own way.

However, given that there are over 82 Million active users using WordPress today“And it’s clear which platforms rule the blogging industry.

Even my blogs and niche sites are built with WordPress blogging platform ” And here’s the reason why:”

Why choose WordPress?

I use WordPress myself and appreciate its flexibilityfunctionalityease of use and mostly its large and supportive community who shares tools, plugin, and great ideas.

Even though WordPress is bigger and probably better than the free alternativeshere are some reasons why you should go with WordPress for your blog:-

  • Free to use
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Several types of themes available
  • Any required functions can be achieved through functions.
  • Your blog will be insanely fast.
  • WordPress blogs have great functionality.
  • Easy to interact with your customersreadersand visitors.
  • Free support forum available.
  • It’s secure with regular updates.
  • Highly customization.
  • Even big companies like SonyNASA are using WordPress.

Reason To Use WordPress

While other blogging platforms are generally fine and nothingin my opinionhas ever come close to match the freedomflexibility and customization opinions that WordPress offers.

So without a doubtWordPress is the best CMS ( Content Management Software ) to get started especially if you are new to blogging.

Don’t Use Free Blogging Platform – Here’s Why?

Just look at successful bloggersall of them use WordPressEven this Guide that you are reading now is on WordPressThink about it – If we used a free blogging platform and our website address would look like instead of something professional and simple like our own domain

wordpress vs blogspot

It’s not just that limitation of the free blogging platformIt has other problems too

  • You don’t control the platform and the contentJust thinkif they shut down their service or completely turned their platform into a paid servicethen what will happen to you and your blog.
  • The address (domainwill be longunprofessional and complicated for your visitors to remember and will sound completely weird.
  • You are not allowed to advertiseor even if you are allowed then they will have their own cut.

How to get a Perfect
Domain Name

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

I will recommend you to buy your domain name from a different domain provides instead of your hosting companyThis will help you to easily transfer your domain and have complete control of your domain and blog

What is a domain name?

Well, you see our website address ” that is a domain nameIf anyone in this world typed this domain name in their web browser than they will be sent to this address and they will view the same page and information that you are viewing.

In most cases, the competitive domain names with .com extension will be already be takenBut don’t give up.

Good domains are quite unique and descriptive which helps the audience to remember your blog and also the domain name conveys its own messageSome people ask friends and families before buying their domain name while some others directly get what names they want.

However, given that there are over 82 Million active users using WordPress today. “And it’s clear which platforms rule the blogging industry.

Some tips when choosing a perfect domain name for your blog

You will find the perfect domain name in no time if you follow this tips.

  • Make sure the blogs name/domain name make sense to your audience and Google.
  • Avoid numberhyphens or any character that may confuse people and make it harder to remember.
  • Make it pronounceable – Just look our’s – ” WP Beginning .com “.
    Make it easy to type.
  • Use your name if you are presenting yourself as an Authority person & if you want your company/brand to represent then go for a general name which suits your brand.
  • Don’t copy others blog name or sloganYour website may be taken down.
  • Use broad and specific niche type keywords in your blog’s name.
    Keep it short and simple.
  • Check whether those domain names are available on social has the same name as their twitter handle @NirajKashyap.
  • Try to use .com extension as much as possible.

Best Hosting for Business Website

Web Hosting is a service that allows your blog to be accessed through the internetWithout web hostingyour blog can’t be seen onlineand without a domainyour blog won’t have an addressas these two are inseparable.

There are plenty of web hosting companies to choose fromPrices generally range from $3 – $1000/month.

If you’re just starting a new blogyou should use BluehostThey are the biggest and most well-known hosting company andI worked out a deal with them where you can get started for just $2.95 a month (plus you will get a free domain).

You don’t need anything fancy or high server capacity until you hit over 25000 unique visitors a monthOnce you hit that markBluehost can help you easily scale up your web hosting.

With my special deal (bluehost) the total cost will come out to less than a coffee at Starbucks a month – so it won’t break the bank.

Note: As a longtime customer and independent review sitewe get compensated if you purchase from the referral links below – at no additional cost to you.

In factwe have a killer discount so you will actually pay less for the same service through the links below.

RememberI want to help you avoid the same mistakes I made when I first got into the blogging worldand save you from experiencing any sleepless nights from scrambling to get your website back online.

I’ve dealt with and monitored many famous and recommended web hosting companies like BluehostiPageGodaddy etc… [very large button – tap here to start your blog].

Best WordPress Hosting with Free SSL

BlueHost also offers Free SSL Certificateswhich adds trust to Google and your visitors.


(Fastest Hosting for Blogs )

SSD Servers with high-Performance for Quick load time.

WPX Hosting offers a fantastic managed WordPress hosting service that has been proven to provide speedy load times backed up by an excellent level of support.

Its proven that this is the fastest WordPress Hosting

  • 24/7 expert support
  • Free custom-built CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Free migrations
  • Daily backups
  • DDoS Protection

BlueHost shared hosting
( Best Choice to Get Started )

This is the right time to buy Web Hosting and grab the best discount you can ever find. 

BlueHost is offering its Web Hosting plans in Dirt Cheap and we have purchased our accounts for 3 years. BlueHost also offers Free SSL and a Free Domain.

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free SSL included
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
  • 1 Year Single Free Domain Registration
  • $100 Advertisement Credit
  • Spam Protection
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Hostinger shared hosting
( The Cheapest Hosting you Can find )

Great for WordPress and Best Value for Money

Its proven that hostinger provides the cheapest hosting for WordPress.

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free SSL included
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
  • Year Single Free Domain Registration
  • Spam Protection
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • LiteSpeed Cache Servers

( Speed Optimized )

Same feature as Hostinger but with fast Load Time.

A2Hosting is known for great load time with their shared hosting

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free SSL included
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
  • 1 Year Single Free Domain Registration
  • $100 Advertisement Credit
  • Spam Protection
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Installing WordPress in 5 mins

Well, you cant start a blog without blogging software and I recommend you to choose WordPress because its easy to use, free, powerful and you will get all the customization and features already built by someone.

Furthermore, you can easily install WordPress without any technical knowledge, and I have also created a video where I have shown the exact steps to install a blog as a professional does.

Here’s how. After you get yourfree domain and hosting account, you can log in and use your first click on the “Install WordPress” icona.

Choose the “do it yourself” version and click the “Install” pulsante.

Use your third click on the “Check Domain” pulsante.

Your last two clicks will be for acknowledging their terms of service and finalizing your install.

Within a minute, you’ll have a fully functional WordPress blog up and running.Hurray!!! Your New Blog is Installed.

Configuring WordPress

STEP 1 – Deactivating all plugins !!!

Many hosting companies include some custom WordPress Pluginsand this can be a problem.

So the first thing we need is to“deactivate all the plugins.

Deactivating all the plugins will set the WordPress work as a brand new with the default setting.”

STEP 2 – Go to settings !!!

You will configure yourblog name and description and other things.

Once you clicked on settingsyou will by default be in the general tabHere you need to set your blog titletagline which will be your descriptionemail addresswhere you will get all the notifications,

  • Blog Title
  • Blog Descriptionalso known as Tagline.
  • Your Email Addresswhere you will receive all notifications
  • Uncheck the Membershipanyone can registerTurn it off as right now you don’t want to allow spam registration.
  • set default user role to subscriber
  • Choose your timezone.
  • Choose site languageif English is not your primary language.

Step 3 – changing your URL structure !!!

The URL structure is a very important setting that you need to configure at the very beginning of your blog.

The URL structure cannot be changed in the future because if you change the URL structure in the futureyour links in google search tools and google search results will appear broken and bots will not be able to reach and crawl your blog properly and your organic traffic and ranking will fall.

The URL structure in WordPress is known aspermalink.

The default permalink setting is not optimal and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use that setting.

By defaultthe permalink setting is set topageidwhich looks something link ““.

So to change the permalinkyou need to go toimpostazioni > permalink and then choose the option ”post name .

Best Theme & Plugin Installing

WordPress themes help you achieve the desired look for your blogbut it doesn’t come out of the box as you want.

The best thing about WordPress is that you can change to any theme at any timeand you don’t need to blow the whistle or hire any freelancer or agency to do that task.

Primo, you need to log into your WordPress adminYou can access this by going to

Hereyou’ll need to enter your user credentials to log in.


If you’re new to WordPressit might confuse youbut don’t worryyou will learn all while you progress with this guideTo install a new themehover over the “Appearance” menu in the sidebar and click “Themes.


WordPress comes preinstalled with a few themes – named as “Twenty-[Year]” theme. Insteadwe’ll search for fancy themes that will instantly make your eyes shine.

Click the “Add New” button at the top to get access to thousands of WordPress themes.


Your taste and mine might be differentFortunatelyWordPress has a “Feature Filter” that lets you search for something that will fit your style.


clicking on it will open a list of checkboxes.

Here’s what your filter requests might look like.


After applying your desired filtersyou’ll see amazing themes that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars in design feesSince I like youit’s free


If you click on the theme’s thumbnailyou can get an instant preview of what your blog will look likeEvaluate if it fits both your personal style and the topic that you’ll be covering.

Once you’re satisfied with the sneak peekclick the “Install” button.


Once the installation is completeclick the “Activate” button and you’re all setIf you can’t find a theme that you likethere are premium themes that you can purchase from sites like:

By nowyour theme should be activated and ready to goLet’s move on to customizing your theme.


What kind of Theme to choose for your blog ??

There are several types of Premium and Free WordPress themes to choose but if you are creating your blog then you should choose something that resembles it.

Nota: We always say to AVOID MultiPurpose ThemesThere are created to lure youIt will not be healthy for your blog.  — How can I be SureBecause I’m A WordPress Developer and Designer. ( Niraj kashyap )

If you are creating your blog on a particular niche like photography, SEO, programmingor any other nicheI would suggest you choose a good framework for your themeand I would personally suggest you choose Astra Pro.

Why say no to MultiPurpose Themes.

There are plenty of reasons why I say NEVER use multipurpose themes for your blogHere are some reasons why

  1. Multipurpose themes are large in size and contain lots of resourceswhich means they will slow down your website.
  2. They are created for newbies to try and play with their themenot for professional bloggers or someone like you who wants to get started and become a professional in their niche.
  3. They are created with no niche-specificmeans they will deliver everything to your blogeven those which are of no use.
  4. It also slows down your entire website leaving a bad impression on your visitors.
  5. and there are many more….

Which theme is best for you?

I personally use Astra Pro which is the lightest theme (under 50KBand loads your website within 0.5 secondsPersonallyI liked the design of this theme and many pro bloggers are using it because it’s easy to design and can be controlled with any drag and drop editorWe use Elementor Pro with Astra Pro.

Few things which you keep in your mind while purchasing a theme –

  • Make sure that premium themes which you are purchasing are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Avoid Multi Purpose Themes.
  • Check that the theme is compatible with your latest wordpress version and has been recently updated.
  • Always check that the theme is responsive and doesn’t needs lots of plugins to work .
  • Support is the main thing so try to find a theme which has good contact support (like Astra Pro and StudioPress).

Now let me tell some of my favorite paid themes which I am currently using on my other blogs.

Installing some essential plugins?

To make the most out of WordPressyou need some WordPress plugins.

There are the tools you need to succeed at every level.

We have a curated list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your WordPress blog and websites.

I have tested every recommendation on this page and many of the resources listed here are crucial to run my blogs and niche sites.

A Well tested and experimented Producttoolsand software for my Blog and Online business that I can trust 100% without the need of searching for its alternative.

Website Security & Spam Protection

A hacked WordPress website can cause serious damage to your business revenue and reputationHackers can steal user informationpasswordsinstall malicious softwareand can even distribute malware to your users.


Worstyou may find yourself paying ransomware to hackers just to regain access to your website.

In March 2016, Google reported that more than 50 million website users have been warned about a website they’re visiting may contain malware or steal information.

FurthermoreGoogle blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing each week.

If your website is a businessthen you need to pay extra attention to your WordPress security.

WordPress security can be improved by several plugins that are available for Free and Paid.
Here are some of the noted plugins:

  • iThemes Security: iThemes Security plugin is one of the best such plugins out thereand I’ve been using it for quite some timeThe plugin has a lot to offer in this respectAlong with over 30 other awesome WordPress security measuresyou can specify a certain number of failed login attempts before the plugin bans the attacker’s IP address.
  • Wordfence: Wordfence Security is one of the most popular WordPress security pluginsand for good reasonThis gem pairs simplicity with powerful protection toolssuch as the robust login security features and the security incident recovery tools.
  • Sucuri Security – AuditingMalware Scanner and Security HardeningThe Sucuri Security plugin offers both free and paid versionsyet the majority of websites should be fine with the free pluginFor instancethe website firewall requires you to pay for a Sucuri planbut not every webmaster feels like they need that type of security.
  • Jetpack: Jetpack is filled with modules to strengthen your social mediasite speedand spam protectionThere are so many features in Jetpack that it’s definitely worth exploring.

If you are interested in learning more on strengthening your WordPress securitywe have a detailed post – Best WordPress Security Plugin to Strengthen your WordPress Security

WordPress SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

To get traffic from google and to organically grow your wordpress blogyou need to make sure your wordpress blog is SEO friendlySEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization.

If you are serious about increasing your website trafficthen you need to pay attention to the WordPress SEO best practices.


If your website is not appearing in search resultsthen the first thing you need to do is to make sure that this option is unchecked.

Simply log in to the admin area of your WordPress site and visit Settings » Reading.

Look for ‘Search Engine Visibility’ section and make sure that the box next to ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked.

SEO Friendly Permalinks

SEO friendly urls are easy to read and are shortGoogle loves url that are short and friendly.

SEO friendly URL looks like this

And a non-SEO friendly URL look like?

he non-friendly urls are hard to memorize and the user cant guess what content lies withinYou need to visit the Settings » Permalinks pageSelect the post name option and then click on the ‘Salvare le modifiche’ button to store your settings.

The Best SEO Plugin


Yoast is by far the best SEO plugin. Yoast SEO is Free and has regular updatesAt wpBeginningwe use Yoast and never thought of any other plugin for SEO.

A complete Step-By-Step guide on Yoast SEO is available on BloggerSprout.

XML Sitemaps

Adding XML sitemap to WordPress gives you the ability to your posts to appear in the Google Search resultsXML sitemaps make it easier for Google bots to crawl and index your posts and articles.

XML sitemap automatically pings google botsespecially google search console about changes made on your siteThese changes can be new postspages or imagesIt can be even updating old posts.

Yoast Seo Provide free XML sitemap and the sitemap is great in many aspectsYou can find your xml sitemap which is being generated by Yoast by simply putting “sitemap_index.xml” after your domain name.


Yoast sitemap creates sub-sitemap for postspagescategoriestagsand custom post typesSo you don’t need to worry and keep checking and updating sitemaps every time you publish and modify any content.

Do’s & Don’ts

There are several do’s and don’ts in bloggingHere we have mentioned some of the do’s and don’ts:-

  • Create a Backup
  • Use Whitehat SEO Method
  • Use Video and Images
  • Connect with your community
  • Build value providing blog
  • Choose good niche
  • Show Earnings Disclaimer
  • Write content for peoplenot for SEO
  • Install Regular Updates
  • Blogging on money oriented
  • Cut copy paste method
  • Black Hat SEO Methods
  • Buying Backlinks
  • Want instant results
  • Avoid free platform
  • Aggressive Ads
  • Heavy Links
  • Avoid Nulled Plugins & Theme

How to Promote
Your Blog

Promoting your blog is a major part that plays a role in your blog successI have seen several blogs and bloggers fail as they don’t promote their blog enough.

All they think is that they will write great content and the traffic will flow towards themIts like saying create an amazing product and it will sell by itself.

But in reality.

You can sale a crap thing via great marketing and promotion.


Don’t be shy or lack behind to say people about your blog and its contentI have heard several bloggers saying things like – I don’t have enough posts or I need to work on my blog design.

Even i was trapped on this loopWhenever i tried promoting my blogI always though that i need to improve my blog design and work on itAnd don’t get surpriseI have wasted more than 2+ years just on designing and tweaking my blog designs rather than focusing on my content and promoting it.

There are several ways of promoting your blog and contentI have laid them down as per their importance

  • YouTube: Don’t underestimate the power of YouTubeYouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google and we have made several videos that drive traffic to our blogYouTube is also a great promoting tool and it provide you a way to earn money from your videosI know several bloggers that earn more than $50,000+ every month from their videosThere are several bloggers and YouTubers that earn their livelihood through YouTubeHere’s an example of Graham Stephen.
  • Email Marketing: –  Email Marketing is a great tool for bringing your visitors back to your siteAn email has great power and can help you bring those visitors back who had forgotten about your siteBloggers and marketers even say that the money is on the ListBloggers like Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome make great use of his email listIf you have ever opted for his free email subscription you can understand how targeted he sends those messages and makes you keep returning on his blog. Email Marketing is a very big topic and we have discussed several of its factors on BloggerSprout.
  • Facebook, TokTok, Instagram, etcDepending on your niche you can use several social networks to bring the traffic into your websitePeople spend most of their time on social networks and this makes it great to grab their attention and convert them into visitorsSo when you post something on your blogmake sure that you also post a link to your blog post on your social accounts.
  • Submit your blog to search engineSubmit your XML sitemaps to search enginesIndexing your sitemaps increases the chances of your blog appearing in Google searches and increases your visibilityThis also helps search engine bots to crawl and index your contentTo submit your blog URL to Googlesign in to your Google Account and go to the Submit URL option in Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit your blog to bookmarking sites:- Some bookmarking sites are and RedditSeveral thousand people visit social bookmarking sites to search for solutions to their queries.
  • Be active in your niche:- The more active you are in your nichethe more visibility you getBeing active in your niche makes you an authority and the community values your contents and opinionThis also brings several visitors and readers to your blog.
  • Comment on your blog:- Commenting on others’ blog is a good way to get visibility from another websiteAlways comment on a relevant topics and don’t try to spam the comment sectionCommenting on valuable information on others’ blog makes you appear as a guru in that niche.
  • Guest Blogging:- Guest Blogging is a great way to introduce yourself and your blog in other blogsThis method brings visitors and traffic from other reputable blogs and niches. Guest blogging is an excellent way to build an online presence.

Earning Money
From your Blog

Once your blog has started getting a decent amount of trafficyou can find ways to monetize your content to earn moneyAlways try to provide value rather than prioritizing about making money.


As Google keeps updating its algorithmGoogle keeps a check on which website provides great value for their customersAfter producing great content for some time and by engaging with your niche market you will become known as an expert and people will start valuing you and your siteOnly then you could consider adding content that will generate income.

You can start preparing for monetizing your blog from the very first day of your website by creating an option form and capturing your reader’s emailWe recommend to use OptinMonster to create opt-in forms and capture your visitor’s email id.

Ever wonder why just about every website you go to asks for you to sign up with your email address?

In marketingthere is a saying that “the money is in the mailing list“. This is because a mailing list allows you to contact people over and over again.

Blog monetization channels

There are several ways to choose from when you think of monetizing your blogYou should use the ones that prove most useful to you:

Running ads on your blog

Google Adsense is one of the most popular choices for adsSeveral people earn money from Google Adsense by integrating on their blogHowever we only recommend using Google Adsense on your blogif you don’t have any other way to monetize your traffic.

Enrolling in affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are the most widely used method to make a living on the internetIf you have a decent amount of trafficyou can earn several times more than using Google Adsense.

There are several types of affiliate programs and you need to search and find one in your nicheAn example of Affiliate Marketing is BlueHost.

ExampleWe recommend BlueHost for Hosting as we personally use them and believe in their product and serviceso we recommend them and earn a commission from them if we make a sale.

Some things that you need to consider when enrolling in affiliate programs:

  • Affiliate sells depends on the amount of problem it solves
  • You need to be credible and authentic to make an affiliate sale.
  • Always let your visitors know that you are earning a commission via Affiliate marketing.
Selling your products and services

If you are creativean entrepreneur or a freelanceryou can come up with your own product and start selling on your blogSeveral bloggers like fashion bloggersentrepreneurs use this method to sell their products.

This method is useful when your blog is really popular or your blog has a great readership.

Selling on WordPress is really easy and takes few more steps to integrateSome of the few eCommerce plugins are as follows:-

  • wooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • MemberPress

Advertisers are always looking for exposure and are willing to pay you for placing a sponsored post on your blogYour blog can act as a billboard and make you money by writing articles and reviewing products that relate to your blog.

Always sponsor a product if you believe that the product review can provide valuable information to your readersDon’t just hit up a sponsored for the sake of money.

Some of the frequently asked questions on making money are:-

QHow much traffic does it take to make money online?

AnsWe recommend minimum traffic of 30,000 page views per month.

Buy the Course

Blogging Course
How To be a Professional Blogger& Earn $10,000 Month

Things To Do After You’ve Created Your Blog:

The first thing I’d do is create a properAbout Me eContatto page.

  • Creating a perfect about me page(This is usually the most visited page on your blog)
  • Adding a Contact Page/Form on your blog(So that your readers could contact you)

Done Those TwoGo And Read These Posts.

  • Common blogging mistakes(That many bloggers doincluding me)
  • Where to find FREE images for your blog(Without breaking the copyright)
  • 135+ blog post ideas for your NEW blog(WarningHUGE list)

Ready To Take Your Blog To The Next Level?

Once you have some content on your blog it’s time to get some traffic and make it profitable.

  • Get your blog listed on Search Engines(GoogleBing, Yahoo)
  • Get more traffic to your blog(I’ve used those techniques personally and they’ve worked well)
  • How to monetize your blog(Affiliate marketingselling advertising spacegetting new clients etc…)
  • Add a subscription box(So you could email your blog visitors personally)
  • Set up Google Analytics(For tracking your blog visitors)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We have 101 Frequently Asked QuestionFind your answer in the FAQ post.

QWhat blog site should I useUN: WordPress. It is the most popular platformpowering over 30% of the webBest of allit’s free. Other blogging platforms aren’t in the same league.

QWhat should I write aboutWhat blog should I startUN: Recipe blogsfitness blogsand business blogs are some of the most popular. Here’s how to pick a blog topic people will really want to read.

QHow do bloggers make moneyUN: There are a number of ways including advertising and digital productsbut some people just do it for funCheck out my article How To Make Money From Your Blog.

QHow Do I Pick A Domain NameUN: I would suggest using your real name (because you can change it later). Here’s more on picking a domain name.

QAre blogs social mediaUN: Blogs can be considered social media because they have comments and social interactions. tuttavia, from a technical standpointanalytics software does not count blog traffic as social media traffic.

QIs blogging deadUN: No wayOver409 million people read blog posts every monthYou’re reading one right now!

QWhat’s the difference between a blog and a websiteUN: Blogs are frequently updated with articles while a website is generally “set it and forget it”Blogs might have fewer features than a website and just focus on creating really good contentFor this reasona blog is more socially activewith shares and comments.

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Blogging isn’t as difficult as you might think. Learn how to start growing organic traffic to your website with our easy to follow videos which we have included in this course

  • Content Tailored to You Over time, I’ll get to learn more about you and deliver content that actually matters for You and your Blog.
  • No Hype Just real content that’s meant to make a difference.
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Who is Behind this Course, and Why Learn From Him

Hi, I'm Niraj Kashyap

I started my career as a freelancer back in 2010. Started working on Fiverr and freelancer. Then I discovered blog via my client and understood how it works.

Looked several videos, learned how blogging works, took several gurus courses…But none worked. My several blogs failed and didn’t generate even $500 per month.
Then with my trial and error, I finally got my blog life started and living a free lifestyle. I learned from my Mistakes and helping others Avoid the same Mistakes.

Start building a blogging business can change your world just like it changed ours.

And avoid the mistakes that I made and all the Bullshit around the web and Youtube Videos, as most of them don’t care and are just upto make some money from ads. They never put their picture on those videos. 

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