The 7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins to Speed Up Your Website

In today’s world everyone clears their doubts on the internet just by googling, and we all know that google doesn’t provide their own answer instead they pull data from others website. But google will not list your website if its slow and has a terrific load time and in-order to speed up things you need WordPress caching plugins

Not just google, even your readers will leave your site if it takes more 3 seconds to load. So its better you use a good WordPress cache plugin. Even Google emphasises site speed in its search algorithm. The higher the page speed the better the ranking.

So, before we dive deep in comparing the best WordPress caching plugins, you should know:-

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Why Do You Need a WordPress Caching Plugins?

A WordPress caching plugin creates static HTML pages of your post and pages of your website and saves it in server, so each time a user tries to access or request a page or post on your website, the caching plugin presents the static html page instead of processing the heavier WordPress scripts and this is how it improves the load time of your website.

So, lets look at the best WordPress caching Plugins available.

1. WP Rocket

[wpk3_scode_item title=”WP Rocket” price=”39″ btn_text=”Download” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”5.0″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”WP Rocket is the most popular premium wordpress cache plugin. The feature that makes it most popular is how easy it is to use and also the performance it offers right out of the box.”]

Some of the Features and Pros:-

  • Improvement in Search Engine indexing and crawling.
  • Lazy load on images and iframes are provided, means an images or an iframe i loaded only when a visitor scrolls till it.
  • Comes with CDN option
  • Cloudflare settings is integrated.
  • Option to minify CSS, HTML and javascript.
  • Option to combine all css and javascript to one file.

Price: Starts at $39 for a single site license.

Get started with WP Rocket today.

2. W3 Total Cache

[wpk3_scode_item title=”W3 Total Cache” price=”0(Free)” btn_text=”Download” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”4.5″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”W3 Total Cache is the most popular WordPress caching Plugins and its FREE. With over a million+ active install it helps you improve server performance and load your page within milli-seconds.”]

This plugin is used by some industry giants like Mashable, MattCutts & AT&T. But it comes with a catch, this plugin is not easy to configure and it take time to understand how it works and has tons of options to configure and even you can mess up your website.

Some of the Features and Pros:-

  • Supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Comes with CDN Push and Pull options.
  • Best for expert developers or WordPress users as it provides tons of options.
  • Provides minification for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and feeds.

Price: FREE.

Get started with W3 Total Cache today.

3. WP Super Cache

[wpk3_scode_item title=”WP Super Cache” price=”0(Free)” btn_text=”Download” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”4.0″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”WP Super cache is another wordpress caching plugin and is the second most popular caching plugin. It is easy to use and configure and is backed up and developed by the WordPress Team itself.”]

The plugin is developed and tuned by Automattic, the same team behind and it one of the featured WordPress plugins.

Some of the Features and Pros:-

  • Easy to Configure.
  • Provides both Simple and Expert level settings page.
  • Comes with CDN
  • Provides automatic garbage collection.
  • Provides options to load different cache page for logged in users.

Price: Free.

Get started with WP Super Cache today.

4. WP Fastest Cache

[wpk3_scode_item title=”WP Fastest Cache” price=”0(Free)” btn_text=”Download” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”3.5″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”WP Fastest Cache is a freemium wordpress caching plugin that provides easy and fewer configuration settings and creates static HTML files for your WordPress site.”]

The plugin also minifies HTML and CSS and provides you the option to disable emojis and helps you combine CSS file into one to reduce the number of HTTP requests. 

Some of the Features and Pros:-

  • Fewer Settings options.
  • Provides image optimization, mobile caching and database cleanup with premium version.
  • Combines CSS files into one file.
  • Free version is also available.


Get started with WP Fastest Cache today.

5. Hyper Cache

[wpk3_scode_item title=”Hyper Cache” price=”0(Free)” btn_text=”Download” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”3.5″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”Hyper Cache is the only wordpress caching plugins that comes with a very minimal settings page and has only 4 tabs for settings.”]

With HyperCache, you can cache at specified intervals of time, enable on-the-fly compression, clean caches when a new comment is made or a new post is published, and enable browser caching.

Hyper cache also provides option as not to cache specific pages and urls and also provides mobile caching and CDN feature.

Price: Free.

Get started with Hyper Cache today.

6. WP Engine Caching

[wpk3_scode_item title=”WPEngine Caching” price=”35/mo” btn_text=”Get WPEngine” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”4.0″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”WP Engine is one of the best managed WordPress hosting companies. Their hosting plans come with built-in caching and performance optimization.”]

WPEngine caching provides option to clear cache from the WordPress dashboard itself and you can access the menu under general settings tab.

Price: Hosting Fees $35/month.

Get started with WPEngine Caching today ( Get 2 months for Free) .

7. BlueHost Caching

[wpk3_scode_item title=”BlueHost caching” price=”2.5/mo” btn_text=”Get BlueHost” link_btn=”” image=”” link_demo=”” rating=”4.5″ demo_status=”inactive” short_desc=”BlueHost is my favourite hosting company and is also one of the worlds biggest hosting companies and their hosting plans comes with built-in caching that can be enabled from hosting dashboard or wordpress settings page.”]

All you need to enable this setting is to login in to your bluehost dashboard and click on My Sites > Select the site > Performance and turn on the caching option.

Price: Hosting Fees $2.5/month.

Get started with BlueHost today.


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